The First Father and Son Veeam Vanguard Team

Meet Tom and Jonah May - Father and Son Veeam Vanguard Team In the world of business continuity and disaster recovery, few names carry as much weight as Veeam, the market leader in modern data protection. If you're even remotely familiar with the Veeam community,...

Third-Party Audits for BCDR and Veeam Environments

Here are 8 reasons why it is crucial that your audits for bcdr and Veeam environments should be done by an independent third party.

Elevate Your Veeam Environment

To fully leverage the potential of your Veeam environment and enhance its functionality, unleash the power of features and automation.

Veeam Health Check Audit

The Importance of a Veeam Health Check Audit  In today's data-driven world, organizations rely heavily on their backup and disaster recovery systems to protect critical data and ensure business continuity. Veeam, a leading provider of backup and recovery solutions,...

Turbo-charge VMware Backup and Restore

Data backup is a crucial part of ensuring continuity in case of system failure or malware. But did you know that Veeam offers different methods to do a VMware backup? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different transport modes available in Veeam Backup &...

How to Integrate Veeam Backup for AWS with VBR

This step by step Veeam Technical tutorial shows how to integrate Veeam Backup for AWS with VBR quickly and simply.

VBR 12: Direct Backup to Object Storage

With the release of VBR several long-requested features were made available to the Veeam community. One of these was direct backup to object storage.

Integrating Veeam Backup for GCP with VBR

With Veeam Backup & Replication version 11a, a new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integration plugin now joins the previously released plugins for AWS and Azure. This plugin allows for integration with the Veeam Backup for GCP appliance, granting management of...

Veeam Vulnerability

A Veeam vulnerability has been found that could allow an unauthenticated user to request encrypted credentials and potentially access your backup infrastructure hosts. It affects every version of the software.

Tom May Named Veeam Vanguard

In recognition of his expertise in the world of Veeam, Tom May, CEO of Different Dev, has just been named a Veeam Vanguard!

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