Vince, Tom, and Jonah discuss the Benefits and Results of a well-deployed Veeam-based Data Protection strategy and hint at exciting news to be shared at VeeamOn 2023.

Topics discussed:

  • Tangible vs. Intangible
  • Verified vs. Unverified
    • When Verifying, consider the following:
      • What do we expect?
      • How might users change things?
  • As a result of a well-deployed plan:
    • How often do you review and verify the plan?
    • Business agility and mobility
      • Set Expectations early!
  • When deployments don’t go so well…
    • Planning for media obsolescence
    • Hardware and software is great, but what about support
    • Everything is going great until a prerequisite gets updated
  • Looking forward to VeeamOn 2023
    • Hint Hint! Go to the session with Maurice & Joe!
    • DifferentDev & CyberFortress will both be there. Go find them!

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