Topics discussed:

  1. Chinese intelligence hacked U.S. government emails in ‘significant’ breach
  • Over 2 dozen European and U.S. agencies were targeted
  • The hack is specifically Microsoft email accounts
  • Not only government accounts, but personal ones “associated” with the agencies
  • Affected unclassified systems
  • Microsoft has since patched the issue, but this is why security is important. Namely, don’t put sensitive information into easily compromised systems such as emails
  1. Veeam to Integrate with the new Microsoft 365 Backup
  • M365 Backup OOB just runs within the MS ecosystem.
  • Introduce a new set of Backup APIs which vendors such as Veeam will be allowed to utilize.
  • Theoretically this will enhance existing protection capabilities.
  • No specifics yet, but maybe this will address issues VB365 has been plagued with over the years, such as constant API breakages and limitations like 1:1 Teams chats.
  1. Upcoming Topics
  • NIST webinar
  • NIST blog
  • Grafana Dashboard vs Tableau Podcast Episode

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